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GIMP is a free versatile graphics manipulation package
j05e — 7 years ago
This is the best free alternative to Photoshop out there.
Guest — 7 years ago
great PS replacement
klischee — 8 years ago
it's bad
Guest — 8 years ago
does everything i need
João Severino — 8 years ago
The best image manipulator ever
reisi007 — 8 years ago
Best Freeware Image Manipulation Tool!!
BlThunder — 8 years ago
Guest — 8 years ago
does it all and good - just not "perfectly" user-friendly
Evilgoat — 8 years ago
Very good powerful free editing tool
Aang — 8 years ago
as good as photoshop
Caleb Stein — 8 years ago
After running it in XP Mode, it worked great. I guess it just doesn't run in Windows 7.
brokenlizard — 8 years ago
A free alternative to photoshop
Strizh — 9 years ago
Easy and free
WmRobt ES — 9 years ago
Supreme manipulator-- I won´t leave home without it
Ernesto Palacios — 9 years ago
Free And Powerfull
Brady — 9 years ago
PERFECT for making banners and other gfx
thomas.merz — 9 years ago
fine, very useful
Guest — 9 years ago
i love gimp,and all it can do when u get the hang of it. its a great program to have, for editing,and doing graphics.=)
Guest — 9 years ago
I like it
photoshop for empty pockets
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